What do you know about Economics of eSports

In recent years, ESports has become a rich industry, producing hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. Because of its popularity, it operates similarly to other professional sports leagues: players are compensated by the operators in exchange for their participation; the operators are compensated by the distributors in exchange for the right to broadcast the games; and the audience is compensated in exchange for the right to watch. ESports, like other sports and businesses, is also profitable for the sponsors and partners who appear alongside the games. jbo88 is one of the leading prestigious esports bookmakers in Asia.

What exactly is eSports?

ESports are essentially electronic sports. Competitive gaming tournaments were organized in various leagues, with teams and people competing for victory. Grand prizes are up for grabs, as is the honor of being declared champion (s). The very top players are essentially trying to become the world’s finest at their favorite sport. The winning teams or individual players might collect millions of dollars in prize money, as well as additional cash from sponsorship, endorsements, and team pay.

eSports is the modern-day equivalent of the gold rush.

Gaming evolved from a casual hobby to an organized professional sport in the 1990s. Today, competitive professional gaming, often known as eSports, is a rapidly growing $1 billion dollar business, tournaments are viewed live by tens of millions of people, and an Olympic appearance is on the horizon.


The eSports sector is a modern-day gold rush, with considerable development year after year. Esports events are televised on major media networks such as ESPN, TBS, SyFy, and Telemundo, conventional sports leagues such as the NHL and NBA have created tournaments and leagues, and owners of NBA and NFL clubs have acquired ownership shares in esports teams.

Over 600 colleges and institutions in the United States have launched varsity esports teams and/or esports scholarships, and this year PlayVS announced a collaboration to introduce esports to 19,500 high schools. The statistics definitely suggest that eSports is here to stay.

What is the appeal of eSports?

Gamers thrive on competition. They aspire to be the finest. From 1972, when the winner of the first eSports tournament won a yearlong subscription to Rolling Stone magazine, to today, when prize pools may reach tens of millions of dollars, winning is at the heart of what it means to play video games.

ESports are also available. Traditional sports may require organizing individuals into the same physical area, however gaming allows you to play with people from all over the world instantaneously over an internet connection from the comfort of your own home.