Can my Children be friends with White People?

There is this prism through which everything can be explained in Manichean terms It’s like a juicy poison chalice which comes in a novelty mug and for one additional pound some super boost matcha powder before those health benefits kick i...


That Other Bad Day

Part two of “Another Bad Day”Christopher Joseph Brent always hated doctors. They never had anything important to say; they always had answers to questions he didn’t have and were clueless to the ones he did ask. They seemed to...


Happy Ending

Does the somewhat understated tone fit with the story? Does the ending work or is it too simplistic? Should the story be longer or is the current length sufficient? All critique appreciated. Felicity realized that she should have brought a ...


the ass of an angel in the clouds

It’s a translation from french that’s why the rimes are not respected (sorry). The ass of an angel in the clouds And I am there my ass sits on the beach My empty mind like a first white page My mouth opened my eyes i...

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