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Being creative with a character’s magical abilities.

Hi there I’m not sure if this an answerable question. To be honest, I tried to delete this thread after accidentally posting it. As you can guess, I couldn’t find the delete option. Sorry in advance for my stupidity. So, what ad...


Reading to get better at writing

Originally Posted by Yours Truly Maybe I should rephrase, I’m mediocre at developing stories. I’m mediocre as far as the creative process of writing. I’ve been writing for a long time in the nonfiction/analytical sense, so...

Websites for Writers: 20 Sites with Great Writing Advice

This post covers some of our 101 websites for writers selected in 2017. Now, we’re hunting for our top 101 websites for writers in 2018. Hit us with your best recommenations in the comments below. For 19 years now, we’ve been doing the ...


The hardest part of writing a story

The comments already posted are fantastic and provide solid advice. Don’t worry over the start, write the story and come back to the beginning. You may find it easier to write the beginning once you know the end or that your initial...

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