Happy New Year

Happy New Year I should have never gone to that New Year’s Eve party last night. All that drinking left my head spinning like a top this morning. But, thank God for black coffee. After three large cups, I was functioning sufficiently agai...


To my past

i pressed you against the kitchen floorremember?there were pancakes everywherewe would kiss and laugh in the flourfor an houror maybe four we made love in your bathtub remember? we closed the door on your roommate but i know...


Alien help

I’d go with their species being weird insect things. That’ll kinda give you the latitude to make it something over the top that is going to happen to her. Some sort of combination of Black Widows and Preying Mantis and bees; so ...


Critique services worth it?

ChickenFreak said: ↑ This may be something that you would advise, but it’s absolutely not a universally, or even, I believe, widely held opinion. Click to expand… Yeah, I agree. That doesn’t mean that professional servic...


Do You Write Alongside Music?

Including now, when I write, I listen to a form of music. Whether this music is instrumental, or natural (for example, birds singing in the trees), I listen to it as I find it helps to stimulate my brain. Perhaps this isn’t the same f...


Hi Im alex and im gay af

This fundraising campaign is to help cover the cost of our server for November 15th – December 15th, plus the cost of a required, associated domain name renewal. By contributing to this campaign, you help keep WF online. Alternatively...


The Clockwork Tower

Alright then, here is a small project of mine called, you have guessed it, the Clockwork Tower. It begins as a survival game, which quickly devolves into political intrigue. Here is a draft of the first chapter: ———–...


Security Blanket

Security Blanket The man lay on the cold concrete. I stared at him as I walked past, wondering how long he had lain there? An hour? Two? All day? It was about 2 a.m., and the temperature must have been below fifteen degrees. The bitterly co...


Dear Tree

Here is a poem I jotted down a few months ago when I was stuck in a rehab hospital recovering from fractured back problems. Outside was the tree, my friend. ..I think I might need to find another word for Wa-Wa, what do you think? Dear Tree...

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