Role playing or fiction writing?

OurJud said: ↑ Well, this is where I see it differently. You can hear, in the way certain members talk about their characters, that role-playing is precisely what they’re doing. When they start to talk about their central character ...


Bayview’s Progress Journal

Okay, I admit it, I didn’t think these were something I’d be interested in. Or, more to the point, it didn’t seem like something anyone else would be interested in, so I couldn’t see a reason to post. But I actually ...


Writing sequels

I have a question for other writers who have written series of books. I used to think that writing a sequel would be easy, or at least as difficult as the first book. But now that I am on my 3rd book in this series it seems like every...



Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten It took me a long time to learn how to take feedback. “What? There’s a way to take feedback?” So what’s the secret? Shut the he11 up. Really. One of the things most new writers do is...


Character Chatroom

Alec: So some of the authors in one of the other threads thought it would be cool to start a Characters Chatroom, and I got bored waiting for anybody else to start one – Charlie: You know that says more about you than about them, righ...


the unexpected in your plot

A younger woman enters the workplace of a happily married, bicycle shop owner. Pheromones fill the place to the rafters as the two of them spiral toward each other, caught in each other’s unexpected gravitational fields. He knows this...


Stop F*cking It Up

It sounds as if your devotion to an outline is the problem. Outlines are fine, but they need to be kept loose to allow for character growth beyond what you expected when you first conceived of the character, as well as plot twists beyond wh...


Quoting passages from established authors. Can I?

I have a small scene where someone, for fun, reads from a couple of books lying around a room. here is the passage. Is this allowed or will it cause more trouble than it’s worth? She had made him laugh out loud at times. A rare thing,...


character development

How do you do it? I do character sketches. I used to use one of those template things but that got boring and I worked out my own little thumbnail system. 500-1500 words, a little bit of background, one thing happens. Who, what, where...

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