Character thoughts in 3RDPOV

Kenosha Kid said: ↑ I think that’s fine, I’ve seen that everywhere. It’s the inner monologue equivalent to dialogue. It still means you’ve got an omniscient narrator, but that’s true whether you write as inne...


Winner of Flash Fiction Contest #50 – GB reader

Thank you all readers, writers and voters. Without you I would never finish a story. I try to learn how to write by writing small exercises. But as I am so unsure in my writing I never finish them. I change and rewrite. I never feel that I ...


Effects of lower internal temps on materials?

Context isn’t really important, but, just the title – I’d like to know what happens, say, if a block of steel’s internal temperature is lowered to -100 degrees F. Or any material. It’s easy to research extreme ...


… but are there explosions?

I am reading Very British Problems. There, the biggest conflict is how to manage seeing the same acquaintance in two consecutive supermarket aisles. My wife is reading Why Mummy Drinks, whose stakes centre around the congitive dissona...


Worst thing in your search history?

How long someone can survive without oxygen (not really that nefarious, is it?). Multiple times I’ve looked up how much blood is in the human body. I always forget and I don’t wanna be that “he had lost seven gallons of bl...


Eliminate plagiarism from your writings

It does happen a lot in academic writing, both accidentally and intentionally. For instance, in the field I studied in (physics and material science), a thesis typically consisted of a theoretical and a practical part. The practical part wa...


Blockade in my brain.

Hello.I want to ask you for a little advice. Just as a little context two words about me: From my youngest age I have been making stories inside my mind. It is increadibly entertining to create characters and put them into various situation...


How can I write awesome fight scenes?

Wreybies nailed the big thing: emotional engagement. What is your POV character thinking? What are they feeling? Just be careful not to get too bogged down and place those in spots where they disrupt the flow. The thoughts and emotions work...

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